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Diamond Wet Polishing Pad For Granite


50 100 200 400 800 1500 3000

Hurricane Wet Polishing Disks WE Series, velcro backed pads givea terrific finish. These pads are made for the professional and will offer youthe service you demand and the quality you expect. Used in the correct order,these pads are everything you need to take a tile or a piece of slab from theshaped rough edge to the final polish. This is one of the most popular WetDiamond Polishing Pads.

This wet pad system is the best value in terms of Durability,Polish, and Flexibility.

Among the Hurricane Wet Polishing Disks WE Series features,we find:

  • Can be used as a substitute     for carbide stones to remove deep scratches

  • Pattern: Square

  • 4,000 MAX RPM

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