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   Quanzhou Songchuan Diamond Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with right of import and export. It is located in a beautiful seaport Quanzhou city, Fujian province. Our company focuses on the exploring and application of diamond new material, push out more of diamond super hard material and its applied products, offer advanced solution on diamond new material and application for our customers.    Our diamond tools products mainly include diamond polishing pads, cutting blades, core drills, etc, mainly used for stone, ceramic, glass and concrete cutting, grinding and polishing.    

   From its establishment, our company focuses on innovation of products. By far, we have applied for 46 pieces of domestic and international patents. 8 of invention patent, 22 of utility model patent, 14 of appearance patent, and 2 of PCT patent are included.

   We are also the drafter of diamond polishing pads industry standard.

   From the year of 2004, we explore international market actively. We take part in stone exhibitions held in Turkey, Iran, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, USA, etc. Our products have sold to Europe, North and South American, South-East Asia, Middle East, etc. Our company owns or being applying for trade mark in USA, Brazil, Italy, Poland, India, turkey, South African. It will provide solid foundation for our exploring international market.

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